How to prepare your dog for baby sounds?

Newborn babies make a variety of sounds.  Newborn baby’s cry is a very specific type of sound different from older baby's cries. Check out the various newborn sounds we have in our library to stream or download.

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Baby sounds to download:

  • Luna crying
  • Luna grunting
  • Cyrus crying
  • Cyrus whining
  • Cyrus crying while sucking on a pacifier
  • Griffin light crying
  • Griffin moderate crying
  • Griffin loud crying (hungry)
  • Kai bottle feeding sounds
  • Kai gassy after feeding grunting 
  • Kai hungry cry
  • Kai burping after feeding
  • Kai light cry 
  • Kai hiccup and slight grunting 
  • Kai trying to poop grunting 
  • Kai unhappy while diaper changing 
  • Baby pooping compilation

How to prepare your dog for baby sounds?

  1. Slowly acclimate your dog to the sounds, play one at a time. 

  2. Start with a low volume for a short duration, and slowly work up to louder, longer cries or grunting. Give your dog treats right after the sound has started and stop as soon as you stop the sound.

  3. If your dog looks worried or has a nervous reaction, the volume is likely too high or the sound is playing for too long. 

  4. Once your dog is happy to hear the sound at a realistic volume, play the sounds as background noise without treats so your dog acclimates to the sound as a normal part of their environment. 

  5. The ultimate goal is for the dog to be neutral and indifferent to the sounds! No need to play them over and over again, once or twice is enough! 


 Advanced Training

  1. Once your dog is relaxed when you play the ​baby ​sounds at a realistic level, you can ​start ​incorporating​the sounds when practicing future baby routines.
  2. Start with routines that don't involve movement or with your dog at a distance, e.g., behind a baby gate or in a different room.
  3. If your dog starts barking, jumping or showing signs of stress, go back to basics. Revisit the above 5 steps before progressing to advanced training.


  • Wrap your phone or portable speaker in a baby blanket (add a baby size pillow,  rice bag, or doll if you’d like).
  • Play audio of crying newborn while in crib, stroller, car seat, and while holding.
  • Play audio of newborn sounds while putting in and out of bouncer, swing, crib, car seat, or stroller.

If needed, consider acclimating your dog to baby equipment, and your actions associated with equipment, separately before adding audio.