Advanced Dog Puzzle Toys For When You Cannot Exercise Your Dog

Jul 23, 2021

If you have a high-energy and/or working line dog, an occasional bully stick won’t do it. Even if your dog has plenty of exercise, that might not be enough for dogs who need a job to thrive.⁠ More complicated puzzle toys are very helpful when you cannot exercise your dog, e.g. during pregnancy, or postpartum recovery. ⁠


DID YOU KNOW? You can make most puzzle toys more challenging by freezing the food or packing them densely.⁠

Here are some options:⁠

Busy Buddy® Barnacle

The flexible prongs make this toy more challenging. Durable comes in 3 sizes.⁠

Busy Buddy® Tug-A-Jug

Another challenging puzzle toy from the same company. The plastic is durable according to parents who tested it on their destructive chewers.⁠

Kong Genius

Interlocks with other Genius toys for an added challenge. Comes in two sizes.⁠

Dog Treat Ball

You can hide kibble, treats, or smear PB. If you use it for kibble, it is pretty time-consuming to fill it. But it is equally challenging for your dog to get it out:

“Our border collies love these treat balls. It really does keep them occupied. They are determined to get every treat out of them!”.⁠ For small or medium size dogs. 

Trixie Mad Scientist

This German company specializes in more challenging intelligence toys. German quality, variable difficulty levels.⁠ Best for small or medium size dogs. 


Combine small and large Toppl for more challenges. Many customers rave about the company’s excellent customer service.⁠

There are no indestructible toys for a determined dog, and choking can be a hazard if the toy is too small! Choose a puzzle toy accordingly and use caution.⁠

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