Age Appropriate Dog & Child Activities | How To Safely Involve A Preschooler.

Jul 23, 2021

My kids and Lola have an amazing relationship. They share a strong bond and mutual love for each other. It is a dream come true.⁠ But they are still young children with fast-developing brains, who need caregivers’ guidance and management.

>>> Management for 3-5-year-old children is going to vary based on your child and the phases they go through. Physical management (gates, no-go zones) should still be in place.⁠ However, you know your child, and if they are good at following rules, you can give them more responsibility and loosen management in certain instances.⁠

Here are some ideas on HOW TO SAFELY INVOLVE A 3 TO 5 YEAR OLD WITH YOUR DOG.⁠ As always, both child and dog should be consenting, relaxed, and happy to participate.⁠

+ Giving Treats

Around this age children are more reliable about treat delivery, holding it properly, and then releasing it to the dog.⁠

+ Assisting With Feedings⁠

Preschoolers can fill kongs or other puzzle toys with treats or kibble, hide food in a snuffle mat, or can help pour kibble into food bowls. 

+ Fetch⁠

Fetch can be a great activity for building their relationship.⁠

However, it is not recommended if you have a (large) dog who is overly excited during fetch or possessive over toys.⁠

+ Assisting With Training⁠

Most of the basic behaviors you have taught your dog your child can practice at some level.⁠

+ Learning About Body Language⁠

Continue to talk to your child about your dog's body language and frequently reinforce with your child what it looks like when your dog needs space.⁠

Download the *free* Guide “5 IDEAS ON HOW TO SAFELY INVOLVE YOUR TODDLER WITH YOUR DOG”, it also applies to preschoolers. ⁠

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