Childproofing Your Dog

Jul 23, 2021

⁠While there is baby-specific training that I recommend doing when you are expecting or adopting, a lot of the training can be done much sooner.

  • Obedience training (coming when called, wait and stay, placement cues such as go to bed or go to crate)⁠
  • Leash training⁠
  • Alone time training⁠
  • Crate training⁠
  • Resource guarding prevention exercises⁠ (to teach your dog to be comfortable when resources are taken away)
  • Handling exercises ⁠(being comfortable when paws or ears are touched)
  • Socialization with new objects, sounds, movements, surfaces, etc. ⁠
  • Socialization with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and older children.



I asked my followers on Instagram to share with me, what was the best thing they taught their dogs to prepare them for future children. 

Marya: “Crate training. So helpful not only with a 4-month-old but in so many instances.”

Melanie: “Place work! So nice to tell her to go lie down if she’s showing anxiety or just is in the way. “

Linda: “Puppy obedience training and socialization classes were the best investment of time and money⁠”⁠

Katie and Caroline focused on getting the dogs comfortable with being crated and separated from them. ⁠Both behaviors make their lives with crawling and grabby toddlers and dogs so much easier and safer. 

April taught her dog the Wait command and uses it daily. 

Mary highly recommends working on jumping, especially if you have a large or a very agile dog. ⁠

Solid Leave It, Drop It and Stay were very important to Alex as her dog is obsessed with food and toys. 

Elena recommends getting puzzle toys and teaching your dog to love working for food. ⁠

Many parents stressed the importance of handling exercises when their dog was a puppy.⁠ 

>>>The cues I use the most frequently are: Wait, Stay, Go to bed and Leave it.⁠

These are all skills and behaviors that will make your life with dogs and children easier. Many parents have shared that knowing their dog was well trained gave them peace of mind.⁠

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