Gadgets That Will Keep Your Dogs Busy & Tire Them Out So You Can Sleep

Jul 23, 2021

Treat and Train

My personal favorite. I use it for meal times, to work on alone time training, place cues, and for greetings, barking, and stays. I often involve my kids (supervised!), because with the remote control I can create a safe distance between my children and an eating dog. Kibble or round-shaped treats with a diameter around 0.4 inches work best, otherwise, it jams.⁠


Furbo is beloved by many of my clients. It’s not just a treat dispenser, it is a full HD camera with night vision, and has a barking sensor and two-way audio. Plug it in, connect to wifi and toss treats via the app.⁠


Worth its price but it is an investment. I don’t have one but clients who bought it love it. You can use any type of food or treats. It doesn't jam, is quiet, and they have great customer service. Perfect for training and enrichment.⁠


A game console for dogs. Judy, a client of mine, said: “I love seeing my dog get a bunch of puzzles correct in a row and get increasingly excited, faster, and more focused with each new puzzle.” Seriously, it is a fascinating product!⁠



Pet Geek Automatic Dog Treat Ball

A total gadget that a client of mine got for their dog. It has unexpected movements and changes direction when approaching an obstacle.⁠

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

I heard about it first from parents of dogs and cats. It solved their problem of the dog stealing the cat’s food. All you need is to use your pet’s existing microchip to programme it and the lid opens only when a registered pet approaches. Genius!⁠


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