Puzzle Toys My Dog Loves & Doesn't Destroy (Easily)

Jul 23, 2021

Is there a toy or a puzzle toy that occupies your dog for longer?⁠ 

Due to the nature of my job, I have tested many different puzzle toys on Lola and other dogs. There are new puzzle toys each year but there are some we’ve been buying over and over or we’ve kept for years. ⁠The reason I’m buying them again is not always because she destroys them, some get lost. ⁠

We started using the Slow Feeder Bowl about three years ago. Having fed Lola out of complicated puzzle toys for many years, I’m not ready to feed her out of a bowl. I love when dogs work for food because there are so many benefits. This is a good alternative to a regular bowl.

Pickle Pocket is my secret weapon. This toy holds up really well. I hide small yummy treats or tiny pieces of sausage or cheese and Lola spends hours chewing on it and dropping it with the hope that food will fall out. ⁠


An award-winning puzzle toy!  Very well made, durable, hold treats, kibble, all sorts of mixes, comes in 2 sizes. Perfect for freezing. ⁠

Kong Wobbler is great for beginners: easy to fill, available in 2 sizes, and the large Wobbler holds about 3 cups of kibble. It is loud on hardwood floors or tile.⁠

Bionic Stick

The stick, the ball, Lola loves them all. They hold treats, they bounce, they float, they are durable. ⁠

OurPets IQ Treat Ball

As one mom described it: “My puppy lost her sanity. I got mine back”. This toy is great for puppies and adult dogs. It is easy to fill, customizable, and offered in 2 sizes. It is loud on hardwood floors or tiles. ⁠

Snuffle Mat

They usually have some sort of ruffled strands or pieces of fabric mimicking grass. Fancier models may also include pockets or compartments, and they are washable. If your dog is all about sniffing, it’s worth checking it out. ⁠

There are no indestructible toys for a determined dog, and choking can be a hazard if the toy is too small! Choose a puzzle toy accordingly and use caution.⁠

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