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Preparation Course

Most dogs find change difficult, especially when there are many changes at once. 

My dog is an “only child” and so needy, that makes me nervous for his transition when the baby comes. 

My dog doesn't like sudden changes in her routine, it makes her so anxious. 

It makes me nervous that my dog is going to lay on or trample my baby without even realizing it.

Preparation will give you and your dog the best chance to avoid behavioral problems and create a smooth transition.

This course will teach you:

  • How to prepare your dog/s and your house for a baby coming home.
  • How to shift your dog to their new routine, practice alone time training, move out of the bed or bedroom, properly introduce baby equipment.
  • How to teach your dog essential behaviors and curb jumping.

The transformation you will experience is…
Going from feeling worried or nervous to prepared and knowledgeable in how to best prepare your dog, family and home for the newborn baby.


DISCLAIMER: By purchasing this course, I understand this course is intended for educational purposes only. Read full course terms of use conditions here.