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Be a great dog (and human) parent.

Our online resources help your "kids" get along—right from the start and as they grow up together.

Pre-Baby Courses
Baby/Toddler Course

Bringing home a baby can rock a dog's world.

Dog Meets Baby helps you create a home where both your human and fur babies feel safe and loved.

For Dog Parents Expecting a Baby

Prepare your dog for your baby's arrival.

Train your dog to behave safely around your little one
Introduce your dog to your baby the right way
Help your dog feel at ease with your baby's sounds, smells, and things
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For Dog Parents with Mobile Kids

Learn dog behavior, so the little ones in your life stay safe.

Prepare your dog for your soon-to-be mobile baby
Learn what to do and say when your child hits or is rough with your dog
Prevent your dog from accidentally hurting your child (or someone else's)
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Pup- and people-approved.

My gentle training methods are based on positive reinforcement to ensure the well-being of your entire family.

Pre Baby Courses
Toddler Course
Dog Body Language

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Meet Your Trainer
Hi! I'm Dominika.

As a mom and dog parent, I've experienced first-hand how worrisome dog-child interactions can be.

But when you understand dog behavior and have a solid foundation of preparation and training, you can create an environment that's safe and happy for everyone.

As a certified dog trainer, I've helped thousands of families do just that, and I'd love to help you, too.

Meet Dominika
Downloadable Goodies

Free treats for humans.

Preparation Checklist
Follow this checklist to get your dog ready for their new "sibling."
Rules of Interaction
Teach little ones to treat your dog with care and respect.
Baby Sounds
Get your pup used to new baby sounds: crying, whining, grunting, sucking, hiccups, and more.
Toddlers + Dogs
Practical tips for helping toddlers and dogs peacefully coexist.
Overcoming Fear of Dogs
A step-by-step plan to help your child feel safe around dogs.
Toddler Foods Toxic to Dogs
Favorite toddler foods that could upset your dog's stomach—or worse.

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