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Bringing home a baby can rock a dog's world.

Dog Meets Baby helps you create a home where both your human and fur babies feel safe and loved.

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My gentle training methods are based on positive reinforcement to ensure the well-being of your entire family.

Real Reviews From Real Customers

Just wanted to say The First Meeting was the best pre-baby course we took!! We cannot be happier with how well the system/ process worked for our two labs. They now have a miniature best friend.


The dogs have been amazing! Our introduction was so smooth and easy. I felt really prepared because of Dog Meets Baby and her course.


We took your First Meeting Course because we have an outdoor reactive dog (angel inside). We didn't know how he would react to the baby. He did so well, and we felt so much more comfortable due to the steps we learned in your class! Thank you!

Jessi M

Sitting here with baby Russel on my chest - very thankful for our dog prep course before bringing him home - the transition has been great!

Kelsey F

Dog Meets Baby course is a MUST BUY! Do not think twice. Do it. She has tons of free resources but the course is 1000% worth it.


Thank you for your courses!! I was so nervous with our pup because she hasn't always been great with babies/toddlers but we felt so prepared bringing our baby home and she has adjusted well so far!

Mackenzie D

After taking the Dog Meets Baby courses we learned so much and now we have a sweet one year old!!! So hard to believe how fast time has gone and how well prepared we felt.

Kathryn K

Your Preparation Course was SO helpful in getting us ready with a reactive pup! She has been wonderful and so calm with Arlo.

Kalen Michele

Can't thank you enough for your course. Our 2 year old "puppy" has done great with our newborn- he's really matured since we brought the baby home. So polite on stroller walks, loves baby TV, and his commands are down pat.


Thanks! Your course was great! Lowered my anxiety about the whole thing tenfold! Our sweet girl is now 9 weeks, and her 2 older brothers, while interested in her, just relax around her, and always having the proper boundaries, keeps everyone at ease.

Hunter B

We purchased The Mini Course to start. Found it incredibly helpful in alleviating our anxiety and feeling more confident and prepared. We are a multi-dog household with rescues.

Stephanie Zoe

Thank you for developing this course! It was extremely helpful to introduce our dog Blue to his baby sister.

Sophie K

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Hi! I'm Dominika.

As a mom and dog parent, I've experienced first-hand how worrisome dog-child interactions can be.

But when you understand dog behavior and have a solid foundation of preparation and training, you can create an environment that's safe and happy for everyone.

As a certified dog trainer, I've helped thousands of families do just that, and I'd love to help you, too.

Meet Dominika
Downloadable Goodies

Free treats for humans.

Preparation Checklist
Follow this checklist to get your dog ready for their new "sibling."
Rules of Interaction
Teach little ones to treat your dog with care and respect.
Baby Sounds
Get your pup used to new baby sounds: crying, whining, grunting, sucking, hiccups, and more.
Toddlers + Dogs
Practical tips for helping toddlers and dogs peacefully coexist.
Overcoming Fear of Dogs
A step-by-step plan to help your child feel safe around dogs.
Toddler Foods Toxic to Dogs
Favorite toddler foods that could upset your dog's stomach—or worse.

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