Welcome to Dog Meets Baby

Sit. Stay a while.

I traveled 6,000 miles to become your favorite dog trainer.

It was 2007, I was working in finance, and I was miserable.

As I was on my way to physical therapy (because my desk job was destroying my back), I glanced over at a park where a trainer happened to be working with a group of dogs.

It was if lightning struck me. Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

So, I moved from Europe to San Francisco to attend The Academy for Dog Trainers (known as the "Harvard" of dog trainer programs), from which I graduated with honors.

Enter Lola.

After graduating from the Academy for Dog Trainers, I spent some time in Brooklyn, New York.

And that's where Lola, my yellow lab, adopted me. To handle Lola's wild energy, I become a scent detection instructor (K9 Nose Work) and traveled all over the U.S. competing with her.

Lola is a wonderful dog. But... when I brought home my newborn twins, she had a predatory reaction to them. This is a highly unusual response and, thankfully, as a dog trainer I knew exactly what to do. But I knew other parents might not!

When I went looking for information about dogs and kids, I was surprised by how few good resources existed. So I decided to create them.

And Dog Meets Baby was born.

Now I'm traveling again.

We've recently left San Francisco to make a home in a new country—our sixth! Wherever we land, I'm so honored to continue offering dog parents like you the resources and tools you need to keep all your kids happy and safe.

Expert guidance for your family.

Online Courses
Prepare and train your dog for your baby's arrival.
As little as $22/month
Learn dog behavior, so the little ones in your life stay safe.
Practical how-tos for everyday life with dogs and kids.
YouTube Channel
Simple training tips to make your life with dogs and kids easier.
Preparation Checklist
Follow this checklist to get your dog ready for their new "sibling."
Rules of Interaction
Teach little ones to treat your dog with care and respect.
Baby Sounds
Get your pup used to new baby sounds: crying, whining, grunting, sucking, hiccups, and more.
Toddlers + Dogs
Practical tips for helping toddlers and dogs peacefully coexist.
Overcoming Fear of Dogs
A step-by-step plan to help your child feel safe around dogs.
Toddler Foods Toxic to Dogs
Favorite toddler foods that could upset your dog's stomach—or worse.