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Dog Meets Baby Prep and Mini Course Bundle Gift Certificate


All you need to prepare, train and introduce your dog to your baby.


Dog Meets Baby Mini Course Gift Certificate


How to safely introduce your baby to your dog the right way.

  • A good understanding of what you need to focus on and what you don't actually need to spend time on.
  • A strategy and a detailed plan for how to introduce your baby to your dog.
  • A priceless "I've got this, I'm prepared and so is my dog" feeling.

Dog Meets Baby Preparation Course Gift Certificate


How to best prepare and train your dog before the arrival of your baby.

  • How to prepare your dog and your house for a baby coming home.
  • How to shift your dog to their new routine, practice alone time training, move out of the bed or bedroom, properly introduce baby equipment and baby sounds.
  • How to teach your dog essential behaviors and curb jumping.

About the instructor:

Hey! I am Dominika!

I'm the founder of Dog Meets Baby and mom to 5-year-old twins and 11-year-old labrador retriever Lola.

Lola's predatory reaction to my newborn twins is one of the main reasons why I started Dog Meets Baby. While it's luckily rare, and as a trainer, I knew what to do, it made me realize that a step-by-step plan for the introduction would help other parents know how to safely introduce their little one/s to their dog/s. Read more about the Mini Course HERE.

As scary and traumatic as my dog's response was, the preparation and training made the BIGGEST difference in the days and months after.

She was sleeping outside the bedroom; she was comfortable being separated, her obedience training was rock solid, she was comfortable with baby sounds, baby equipment, and well socialized with infants and toddlers. A few days after the introduction, she peacefully slept in the same room, safely separated, ignoring the crying, grunting, diaper changes, and feedings.

Let me tell you, life with a well-trained and well-prepared dog and young children is So Much Easier. Read about the Preparation Course HERE.