Best Puzzle Toys For Dogs

May 31, 2022

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One of the best ways to keep your dog entertained while you are figuring out life with a baby is puzzle toys for dogs. These toys have a variety of functions and there are different toys depending on your dog’s size and personality. Read below to learn how to pick out the perfect puzzle toys for your dogs and some of my (and Lola’s) personal favorites! Plus, here is a reel that shows how I prepare puzzle toys for dogs with my kids.

How to Choose Puzzle Toys For Dogs

There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing puzzle toys for dogs:

  1. Choose a toy based on your dog’s personality and size. Many toys come in multiple sizes so you can choose the right one for your pet.
  2. Start out by making it easy for your dog to get the food from the toy. Use loosely-packed food so it falls out easily.
  3. Once they are used to the toy, make it more difficult. For example, you could freeze the toy, add extra layers, or pack in more food.
  4. If your baby is mobile, it’s best to give puzzle toys to dogs when your baby isn’t around. If your baby is immobile, keeping the two separated (and supervised!) should be just fine.
  5. Clean up any excess food or toy pieces before the baby is in the room.
  6. No matter how tough the toy is, no toy is indestructible. Keep this in mind and be on the lookout for small pieces that could be choking hazards!

Our Favorite Puzzle Toys For Dogs

We’ve tried out many different puzzle toys for dogs, but here are some of our favorites:

1. Toppl

The Toppl is a great, durable choice and one that you can easily make more difficult for your dog. This is a great one to freeze! It comes in two sizes and can hold treats, kibble, and mixes.

2. Snuffle Mat

Is your dog a sniffer? Then a Snuffle Mat could be the perfect puzzle toy! These mats have fabric to mimic the feeling of grass. It is easy to wash and take on the go. Use it for kibble or treats.

3. Pickle Pocket

A Pickle Pocket could be the toy for your dog if they really like chewing. This is one of Lola’s favorites! Hide small bits of cheese or smelly treats and watch your dog play with it for hours.

4. Slow Feeder Bowl

A Slow Feeder Bowl is a serving dish and puzzle toy all-in-one. This is a great option to promote fun, healthy eating because it slows down their eating significantly.

5. Kong

There are a variety of Kong toys with different levels of difficulty, but the general design is the same. The Kong Wobbler is also another favorite. These toys are very durable and are a great choice for a beginner puzzle toy. If you aren’t sure how to use one, these tips make stuffing a Kong easy!

6. Lick Mat

These puzzle toys are perfect for bathing or grooming sessions. They are great to spread some peanut butter or wet dog food on and can keep your dog entertained for a while!

7. Casino Toys

Interactive Casino Puzzly Toys provide great mental stimulation.  Dogs need to figure out how to combine multiple steps to retrieve a hidden treat. There is a toy for every dog, from beginners to advanced problem solvers.

There are so many different puzzle toys for dogs that it is easy to find one your dog will love! If your baby isn’t quite here yet, you’ll definitely want to add a few of these to your baby registry. Check out this list of 6 Dog Mom Must-Haves to Add to Your Baby Registry for more ideas!

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