The Dog Meets Baby Toddler Course

Learn to speak dog.

An online toddler course to help you understand dog behavior so the little ones in your life stay safe.
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Dogs can be unpredictable.

But the truth is, dogs drop behavioral hints all the time that tell us how they're feeling. And when we miss or misinterpret those clues, kids can get hurt.

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An online toddler course for every dog parent.

Whether or not you have children of your own, your dog will likely meet a little one at some point. Chances are, everything will go just fine. But what if it doesn't?

The Dog Meets Baby Toddler course demystifies dog behavior so you know what warning signs to watch for—and exactly what to do when they appear.
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When "No!" isn't enough.

The Dog Meets Baby Toddler Course offers expert guidance to help you effectively address common toddler behaviors toward dogs.

Being rough with the dog
Grabbing the fur
Poking the eyes
Hugging the dog

Dog Meets Baby Toddler Course

Having a newly mobile baby around is stressful for dogs—even for ones who were perfectly fine with a newborn. The Dog Meets Baby Toddler Course is your place to find answers on how to safely navigate this new phase.
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Crash Course in Preparing Your Dog for the Mobile Baby Phase
20 Videos of Toddlers and Dogs showing typical interactions, with Dominika's analysis
Learn what dogs communicate through their behavior and how to handle each situation
Dog Behavior Quizzes
Downloadable Scripts and Workbook
Monthly Live Q & A with Dominika

Please note: Dog Meets Baby courses do not address serious behavioral issues, such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, or aggression. For support for these concerns, please consult with a certified trainer.

Sit, stay, speak.

Feedback from dog parents just like you.

Our dog has always been so patient with our one year old, but now that the baby is mobile, our pup is definitely starting to get a little bit more anxious/stressed. Thanks to you, though, we know how to keep everyone safe. Thanks for showing us all the signs of stress that weren't obvious before!

Sarah S.F.

I have the world's most patient, lovely, old dog and I'm so glad I can read his signs and make sure he's comfortable at all times. He doesn't deserve to be stressed by my child.

Pamela L.

I can never unsee so many stressed dogs around kids now, and I'm glad I'm able to interpret better what's going on and set appropriate boundaries.


We just got two rescues, one of whom is pretty fearful of men, and [your content] has been helpful to observe as he interacts with my boyfriend and we try to rehab his behavior!

Marie C.

... so helpful to have the tools and better awareness for our dogs' needs, as well as interactions, with our son. It has made my Momma heart happy to know everyone is doing okay with each other!

Meet Your Trainer
Hey! I'm Dominika.

As a mom and dog parent, I've experienced first-hand how worrisome dog-child interactions can be.

But when you understand dog behavior and have a solid foundation of training, you can create an environment that's safe and happy for fur babies and human babies alike.

As a certified dog trainer, I've helped thousands of families do just that, and I'd love to help you, too.

Meet Dominika

Child-proof your pup.

You don't have to be a dog expert to train your dog. (You just have to know one.)


Join Dog Meets Baby.
For less than the cost of a single one-on-one training session, you get a value-packed course with expert guidance.


Get on-going support.
Practice dog behavior analysis with my video library of case studies, and get support for your specific concerns.


Have peace of mind.
Stop feeling frustrated by your dog's behavior, and know you've set them up for success around little ones.

Common Questions

Who is this toddler course for?

The toddler course is especially helpful for families with a little one who's newly mobile or is about to be. But if you have dogs and you want children to be safe around them—or if you're just fascinated by dog behavior in general—this course is for you!

We have multiple dogs. Will this toddler course help?

Absolutely! The content is great for households with multiple dogs and/or multiple children.

Our dog is protective of her food and our house. Will the toddler course help with those behaviors?

No. Dog Meets Baby does NOT address more serious behavioral issues, such as resource guarding, aggression or separation anxiety, as these concerns must be addressed one-on-one with a trainer.

Learn how to find a qualified trainer here.

Our dog is showing aggression toward our baby—growling, lunging, and/or snapping. Will the toddler course help us?

I don't provide guidance on these situations, as they must be addressed one-on-one with a trainer. Learn how to find a qualified trainer here.

How do I access the content?

The pre-recorded video content, downloadable workbook, and scripts are housed in Kajabi, an online learning platform that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device.

We've never done any formal training with our dog. Is the Dog Meets Baby toddler course for us?

Yes. The content is helpful for dogs with and without formal training experience.

What if we need additional help?

You're welcome to join the monthly Q&A, comment under the module or message me through the course portal! (Please keep in mind that if you need help with serious behavioral issues, you should seek in-person support from a local trainer.)

How long do we have access to the course?

For as long as I continue to run Dog Meets Baby (and I only have plans to grow). For your peace of mind, I guarantee access for at least one year from purchase.

Do you offer a guarantee?

If you're dissatisfied with the toddler course for any reason, let me know within the first 14 days, and I'll refund your money.