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Ideally, by the time baby comes home, they should be the only change for your dog.

Miscarriage, IVF and your Dog: How your dog can help you cope when you are TTC.

Apr 26, 2022

The process of IVF is different for everyone who experiences it. However, one thing that people who are trying to conceive have in common is the desire to add a new member to their family. Although it may not be necessary for all families, handling a dog and IVF could be just what you need to get through some tough times.

Your Dog Can Support You

As you start IVF treatment, you are probably feeling so many emotions. Excitement, nervousness, frustration, fear… and all of these emotions are heightened by the drug regimen you are on to boost your hormones. Your dog can be a great support system throughout your whole IVF journey. They may not fully understand that you are trying to have a baby, but they can recognize the different emotions you are feeling and can be there for extra snuggles during the hard times.


A Good Distraction

Your dog can also provide you with a distraction during the long process of TTC and pregnancy. They are a bundle of happiness for many moms and...

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Understanding Dog Behavior During Pregnancy

Apr 19, 2022

Among many other things during your pregnancy, how your dog starts to respond to you can come as a complete surprise! How dogs react to human pregnancy can vary from dog to dog. Most dogs won’t change or have a surprising reaction, but it is very possible that your dog’s behavior during pregnancy can change… for good or for bad.

Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy in Their Owners?

The short answer is: Yes! Many moms have shared that their dogs seemed to know they were pregnant before they did. Dogs can certainly pick up on the changes in smell from your pregnancy hormones. They can tell something is changing, even if they don’t understand that it is because of a baby.

However, this doesn’t always mean that their behavior will change. While some dogs can have more reactive or loving behaviors, others have no change at all. Some dogs may even change their behavior during different trimesters, and other times, dog behavior during pregnancy can change with each...

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How to Handle Dog Mom Guilt When Your Baby Arrives

Apr 12, 2022

After months of waiting, you finally have had the opportunity to introduce your dog to the newest little member of your family. All of the hard work is over, right?

Sadly, there is a whole other side to life with a dog and baby that many people who have always held the title of “dog mom” don’t realize will come into play once that baby arrives!

Dog Mom Guilt

One of the biggest changes, and something that isn’t talked about enough, is the guilt that you may feel once your baby arrives. This goes beyond new baby mom guilt because you now have to figure out how to balance a new baby and dog all at once. For most, this means that your dog, who used to be your baby and your whole world, will start to be left out or won’t get the attention you want to give them.

 The introduction of a baby changes the dynamic that you had, and you have to learn how to be the best mom for your baby and the best dog mom for your dog, all at once. Just remember that you...

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3 Tips to Help You Juggle Baby and Dog When You Don’t Have Parental Leave

Apr 08, 2022

For many families in the United States, parental leave is considered a luxury. The fact that you have to somehow make everything work while you are still trying to get used to being a new mom is miserable! It takes a toll on many moms in more ways than one. The lack of paternity leave in the U.S. is made even more difficult when you have to not only worry about a newborn but a dog too! I completely understand how you feel. It sucks that you have to simply cross your fingers and hope that everything goes smoothly while you are at work.


If you are struggling with this, here are three tips for when you are trying to juggle baby and dog when your parental leave is over:

1. Make Preparations for Baby and Dog

The more you prepare your dog for the addition of a new family member, the easier it will be! 

One way that you can ease your dog into life with baby is by practicing stroller walks and teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash before the baby is born. Having a well...

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