Dog Meets Baby

Preparation  Course


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Ideally, by the time the baby comes home, your newborn's presence should be the only change your dog experiences.

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I wish we'd...

I wish we’d moved our dog out of the bedroom before the baby arrived. I moved my dog out the day I brought my child from the hospital and it was traumatizing for both of us.

I wish we’d practiced with the stroller. My dog barks and is terrified of the stroller.

I wish we’d installed the baby gates and started practicing separating my dog when I was pregnant. My dog growls at my baby and is very anxious when separated from me.

I wish we’d worked on jumping on people, and calm behavior around guests. I find it so challenging managing the baby and big, excited and out of control dogs when people come over. My dogs don't listen to me.

I'm worried...


My dog is protective and cuddly with me during my pregnancy. I'm terrified of how my dog is going to adjust to the new baby.

I'm worried the jumping will hurt my baby.

My dog is an "only child" and so needy, that makes me nervous for his transition when the baby comes.

I'm worried about my dogs not responding to directions when the baby comes home and the dogs eating the baby's toys.


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Your life and your dog's life will change dramatically once you have a baby. Most dogs find change difficult, especially when there are many changes at once.

Preparation will give you and your dog the best chance to avoid behavioral problems and create a smooth transition.


Life with a baby and well trained and fully prepared dog is much easier.

This course was created to make your life easier, keep everyone safe and give you a peace of mind.


 This course you will teach you:


How to prepare your dog/s and your house for a baby coming home.

How to shift your dog to their new routine, practice alone time training, move out of the bed or bedroom, properly introduce baby equipment.

How to teach your dog essential behaviors and curb jumping.


The transformation you will experience is…

Going from feeling worried or uncertain to prepared and knowledgeable in how to best prepare your dog, family and home for the newborn baby.

Frequently Asked Questions:


About the instructor:

Hey! I am Dominika!

My dog Lola had a scary predatory reaction  to my twins when she first met them. A few days later, she was peacefully sleeping in the same room, safely separated, ignoring the crying, grunting, diaper changes and feedings.

I am a dog trainer and I knew what to do but having a SOLID FOUNDATION was what made the BIGGEST difference.

She was sleeping outside the bedroom, she was comfortable being separated, her obedience training was rock solid, she was comfortable with baby equipment and well socialized with infants and toddlers. I am thankful for the time I took to train, prepare and socialize Lola; it has made our life with young kids and dog much EASIER.