Dog Meets Baby Mini Course

How to safely introduce your baby to your dog the right way.

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Are you wondering...

“How is my dog going to react to my newborn?” 

“Is bringing home a baby blanket for my dog to smell enough?” 

“What if my dog doesn’t like my baby? What should I do then?”

The moment you introduce your baby to your beloved dog or dogs can be emotional, exciting and…. frequently anxiety inducing. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

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After working with hundreds of expecting and adopting couples, I know that you can’t always predict how your dog will react to your newborn.

But you can have full control during the first meeting!


 By following the steps of the introduction, you can see the moment when your dog might need a break. After my own scary experience, I know that SAFETY OF THE BABY is a priority. Dog Meets Baby Mini Course has been designed with safety of your baby in mind. 


My goal is to create an easy to follow plan with action steps you can rely on.


By the end of this mini course, you will have:

► A good understanding of what you need to focus on and what you don't actually need to spend time on.

► A strategy and a detailed plan for how to introduce your baby to your dog(s).

► A priceless "I've got this, I'm prepared and so is my dog" feeling.

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The transformation you will experience is…

From feeling worried or uncertain to prepared and knowledgeable in how to best introduce your newborn to your dog.

Join us inside!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the course cover?

► Going into labor. Pack. Plan. Prepare. 

Tips for adoptive parents.

► Why bringing a baby item home for your dog to smell is not necessary.

► Multiple dog households.

► Strategies to keep your dog calm and comfortable when first exposed to your baby.

► Step by step process of your dog meeting your baby.

► First week at home. What to expect from your dog and how to help your dog acclimate.

► How Dominika would introduce Lola to a new baby, a method that will work for most dogs.

► Training Video: How to train your dog to ‘Go to bed’

Exclusive Q & A Section with Dominika

Bonus Material: 

Introducing postpartum doulas, night nannies and family members helping once the baby arrives.
4th Trimester Checklist.
Everything you need to know about the predatory reaction.
Dog Body Language. 
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About the instructor:

Hey! I am Dominika!

My very well socialized and very well trained Labrador Retriever Lola was 5 years old when I had my twins. Typical for her breed, uber friendly yellow lab who loves everyone. 

When I brought my kids home, the combination of early term tiny humans and their cry turned on Lola’s predatory instincts. The moment she saw them she was HUNTING. Suddenly I found myself seeing Lola, my first baby, ready to hurt my 5.5 pound babies. One of the most terrifying moments of my life. 

Lola’s predatory reaction to my newborn twins is one of the main reasons why I started Dog Meets Baby. While it’s luckily rare, and as a trainer I knew what to do, it made me realize that a step by step plan for the introduction would help other parents to know how to safely introduce their little one/s to their dog/s.