Dog Meets Baby Gift Guide

June 16, 2024

It is true that babies don't need much. And as someone who moved across the world and didn't have her stuff for 6 months (!) when our container was having adventures, I learned that you can be okay with the basics.

But.... there were a few items I missed because they truly make our lives easier. My robotic vacuums, my baby gates, especially the long gate, my cordless stick vaccum, the Chom Chom, my hands-free leash, my dogs' puzzle toys, the Treat&Train. My kids missed their favorite books and toys to play with the dogs. I wish we had our airpurifies when the air got bad.

Snuffle Mats HERE

If your dog spends a lot of time on walks sniffing everything, get them a snuffle mat. You won’t regret it.

Think Smart Pets makes really cute snuffle mats. Use code snufflebaby for 10% off.

Gifts for Parents-to-be HERE

Baby clothes are so cute but a silent tag for your dog will help with sensory overload, robotic vaccum will remove all the dog hair, and a baby gate will help you keep your baby safe.

Dog Meets Baby Courses - Buy as a Gift HERE

Do you have friends or family members who are having a baby?

Give them and their dogs the gift of being prepared. Read the reviews here.

Douglas Dogs & Puppies Cuddle Toys for children.

Douglas Dogs and Puppies HERE

How cute are those? If you have a dog loving aka dog obsessed kiddo, and your dog is unsure how to handle that love, get them a stuffie to play with, walk, train, cuddle and kiss. Win win.

Dog-themed Children's Toys HERE

The walk-a-long puppy was one of my kids' favorite toys. They still have and play with Melissa&Doug Jack Russel Terrier, and Lace&Trace saved my sanity many times during car trips. And stickers are timeless, they always help.

Dog-themed Children's Book HERE

If I have to read one book over and over again, I'd rather read about Ivy or Spot than excavators (nothing against excavators, I just prefer dogs :))

Gifts for parents of a Newborn Baby HERE

Find items you don't typically see on baby registries.

Gifts for Parents of an Infant (Pre-mobile baby) HERE

As Nikki, Dog Meets Baby follower said: "Our giant playpen has been such a good investment. Worth every penny." Let your dog cuddle up to Snuggle Puppy while you play with your baby in the playpen.

Puzzle Toys and Lickmats for Dogs HERE

Puzzle toys and lickmats are a great option when you can’t exercise your dog, e.g., when it’s too cold to walk your dog, you are recovering from child birth or your dog is recovering after a procedure, etc.

Eating meals out of puzzle toys tires the dogs out, reduces barking and other nuisance behaviors.

Dog Treats and Chews HERE

Was your dog a good boy / good girl this year?

Gifts for Parents of a Toddler/Mobile Baby HERE

You need all the help when the baby becomes mobile. Kitchen helper was one of the best tools to keep the kids higher around big dogs. And if I had to name one item that I have used consistently for 7+ years, that would be the long gate.  

Dog Toys HERE

There are so many great toys on the market but there are some toys that most dogs love like the squirrel (it looks real!), the Lambchop or a good tug toy like the Monkey. A flirt pole is my go-to toy to exercise dogs, it is perfect when you are tired and sleep-deprived.

Dog Beds HERE

The only dog bed my dog has never destroyed is the Pet Fusion Dog Bed. Our dog Hela is not destructive and out of the puppy phase, and I can't wait to get her a nice dog bed.

Dog Toys - Electronic Treat Dispensers HERE

I love my Treat & Train. Nothing fancy but so helpful to work on alone time training, down stay or go to bed. If you need a camera, there are four devices we like a lot.

Dog Cassino Toys + Slo Feeders HERE

Feeding my dogs, Lola and Hela, out of puzzle toys helps me feel less GUILTY when I don’t have time for them. And they love it!

'Pamper your dog' Gifts

We might not always have time for our dogs, but we love them. They support us, comfort us, love us unconditionally, and bring us so much joy. If you want to pamper your dog this holiday season, check out the gifts we have selected.

Swift Paws - Chase Kit

Wolfgang - DayDream React Dual - Handle Dog Leash

Wolfgang - Daydream Comfort Dog Harness

Wolfgang - IslandVibe DOG COLLAR

Owala X Wolfgang Pet Bowl

Himalayan Dog Chew 24 Joyful Days Dog Advent Calendar

GrandiUa - Personalized Leather Collar with AirTag Holder

EcoPawz Wiley's Chicken Jerky Pet Treats

Luxury Dog Beds, Sofas, Teepees and Blankets

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