Miscarriage, IVF and your Dog: How your dog can help you cope when you are TTC.

November 29, 2022
Dog Parent Emotions

The process of IVF is different for everyone who experiences it. However, one thing that people who are trying to conceive have in common is the desire to add a new member to their family. Although it may not be necessary for all families, handling a dog and IVF could be just what you need to get through some tough times.

Your Dog Can Support You

As you start IVF treatment, you are probably feeling so many emotions. Excitement, nervousness, frustration, fear… and all of these emotions are heightened by the drug regimen you are on to boost your hormones. Your dog can be a great support system throughout your whole IVF journey. They may not fully understand that you are trying to have a baby, but they can recognize the different emotions you are feeling and can be there for extra snuggles during the hard times.

A Good Distraction

Your dog can also provide you with a distraction during the long process of TTC and pregnancy. They are a bundle of happiness for many moms and dads and give them someone to take care of, train, and play with. When you have hard days and don’t feel like doing anything, they can be there and enjoy a lazy day with you, too.

It can also be hard for TTC parents who don’t have a lot of friends or family around or people who can understand what they are going through. Many people find support groups so they can share with people going through the same experiences they are (if you would like to find a support group, you can use RESOLVE’s search tool). But your dog can also be there for you through everything and bring you a ray of sunshine when you feel alone.

Can I Handle a Dog and IVF?

It may seem like a dog and IVF don’t mix, but many people find that to be untrue. Everyone’s situation is unique, and no IVF story is exactly like someone elses. This is the same when it comes to getting a dog while trying to get pregnant. Many families find that bringing a new dog into their home brings them joy and something to look forward to amid all of the doctors visits, procedures, and emotions they are feeling. Families who already have dogs can also find the added support of having a loved one who they have known for quite a while. Others have found that bringing a dog into their family helps them get through miscarriages or FETs (Failed Embryo Transfer).

Having a Friend Through It All

Your dog can be a huge support through your entire IVF journey, from the shots and doctors visits to the time your baby is born. Dogs have also been known to be a source of comfort for couples who are struggling with infertility or miscarriages and provide a much-needed distraction from the difficulties you are experiencing. Whatever your situation, don’t let the idea of a dog and IVF stress you out too much! If you are ready to welcome a dog into your family, they can be a great help through your fertility journey.

While most TTC parents love having dogs as their support system, it is not always the case. Sometimes, being a dog mom while all you want is a human baby, is painful. You may even feel resentful, and that is okay! Your feelings are valid. If you begin to feel this way, talking to a professional, family member, or friend can help you process those feelings!

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Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only. Please contact your veterinarian, a certified dog trainer, or a veterinary behaviorist, if your dog's wellbeing is at risk or your dog's behavior poses a threat to you or other people.