6 Dog Mom Must-Haves to Add to Your Baby Registry

May 19, 2022

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With a new baby on the way, you’re probably thinking about what to add to your baby registry… But have you considered adding items that can be equally beneficial for both you and your dog? There are tons of items that can bring you less stress and guilt and more quality time with your baby and dog! Here are 6 dog mom must-haves that will make your life (and your dog’s) so much easier!

1. Robotic Vacuum or Cordless Vacuum

You may already be used to the dog hair, but just wait until your little one starts crawling around… You won’t believe how much they can pick up! On their clothes, in their mouths, and everywhere else!

I highly recommend getting a robotic vacuum to do the work for you. It’s one less thing you need to stress about every week. Or, you can opt for a cordless vacuum that is easy to use and doesn’t have a long cord that your baby would play with.

2. Puzzle Toys

Some other dog mom must-haves are puzzle toys for your dog. Puzzle toys can keep them occupied and allow you to feel less guilty about taking care of your newborn. They can also lead to less barking and an overall happier dog! There are a ton of different toys to match your dog’s personality and size, but some of my (and Lola’s) favorites are:

3. Dog Walking Services or Doggie Daycare

Something that your friends and family may not realize you need (but you should definitely add to your registry) are these two services. They can really help a new mom out and give your dog the care and attention they need while you are focusing on your new baby. Many places offer gift cards, or you could create a separate “fund” that people can donate to.

4. Baby/Dog Gate

A baby gate is probably something you have already thought about… but have you considered finding a gate that can be used for your dog, too? This will be one of the most useful products you can get for your baby and dog! They are perfect for when your baby starts to become mobile and you can’t supervise both your dog and baby at once. They are also great when your baby starts solids, and overall, they keep everyone safe. I have this one and absolutely love it. I also have this post that can help you choose the best gate for your family!

5. BarkBox Subscription

I love BarkBox for toys and treats. They have amazing customer service, and my dog loves their products. Every box comes with two innovative toys, two full-size bags of treats, and a chew. Super Chewer is a part of the BarkBox subscription family, it includes two tough and durable rubber or nylon toys and it comes with two chews. Super Chewer is best for dogs who are a bit rough with their toys, whereas BarkBox is best suited for dogs who are a little more gentle while playing. As a bonus, the treats are a great way to reward good behaviors around your new baby and create positive associations with them. Plus, by getting a subscription, you won’t have to worry about running out!

This affiliate link gives you a 'Free Extra Month' of BarkBox (valued at $40) and is valid on multi-length plans.

This affiliate link gives you a 'Free Extra Month' of Super Chewer (valued at $45) and is valid on multi-length plans.

6. The Preparation Course and the First Meeting Course

Lastly, I have two great courses that will help you prepare and ease your anxieties with this new transition. if you want to prepare your dog for the arrival of your new baby, the Prep Course has everything you will need. Additionally, the First Meeting Course can help you with introducing your dog to your baby. You could get both for yourself, but I also offer gift certificates so you will definitely want to add this to your registry list.

Creating a baby registry can be a lot of work, but you really don’t want to forget about the dog mom must-haves on this list! To make your life easier, you can check out my Amazon Store to find my recommendations for most of the items on this list.

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